Dízel és gázüzemű villástargonca RCD/RCG 4,0 - 5,0 t

The access to sucess

ECH 12


Kiemelt tulajdonságok

  • High performance: High-performance and reliable industrial motor
  • Everything in sight: Optimum view of forks and load carriers thanks to slim mast profile
  • Maximum safety: Robust overhead guard maximises the operator’s view in all directions

The RCD/RCG is sure to put you on the road to success. Looking for a robust entry-level counterbalanced forklift truck that is always ready to go? Don’t want to compromise on STILL’s exceptional quality standards? Then this is the truck for you. Available in a diesel or LPG version and with a lifting capacity of 1.5–5 tonnes, the RCD/RCG is a versatile all-rounder that offers unbeatable value for money. Whether you’re handling containers, trailers or pallets, on ramps or on the flat, you can count on this counterbalanced forklift truck to safely transport your goods to their destination.

The suspension system for the operator’s cab absorbs any jolts and vibrations caused by uneven floors; the hydraulic system is also very easy to control; and the operator enjoys excellent visibility on all sides. What’s more, you can choose from a wide range of equipment options to suit your particular logistics planning requirements. It might be an entry-level truck, but with all these benefits, the RCD/RCG more than lives up to STILL’s exceptional quality standards.

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Simply easy

  • Precise operation: Intuitive and precise load handling made easy thanks to separate inch pedal
  • Direct transmission control: Quiet and smooth driving experience, even at low speeds and on ramps
  • Comfortable operator’s cab: Excellent suspension to absorb jolts and vibrations; comfortable seat; and large footwell with foot-operated parking brake

Simply powerful

  • Reliable performance: Powerful industrial engine for reliable performance
  • Adaptable to on-site conditions: Choice of mast and fork lengths to suit different applications
  • Effortless storage of heavy loads: High residual load capacity ensures even the heaviest loads can be lifted to the required height
  • Well-equipped for tough working conditions: Dusty environments pose no problem thanks to additional air filter

Simply safe

  • Safe goods handling: Excellent excellent visibility on all sides of the truck
  • Safe entry and exit: Wide metal step with anti-slip design
  • Safe and ergonomic operation: Long hydraulic control elements and separate levers for each function
  • Safe working in dark environments: High-spec lighting as standard
  • Safe reversing: Rear handhold with integrated horn

Simply flexible

  • Low-emission engine: Diesel and LPG engines both comply with Regulation (EU) 2016/1628 (Stage V emissions limits)
  • Ergonomic gas cylinder changeover: Range of swivel and fold-out holders for different LPG cylinders available
  • Choice of different cab variants: Forklifts available with full and semi cab designs
  • Flexible options to suit any application: Wide range of equipment and attachments to choose from

Simply connected

  • Optimal networking: Optional interface for integration with STILL neXXt fleet fleet management software
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