EXH-S 20-25 / EXH-S 20-25 Li-Ion

Speeds things up. Safely.

EXH-S 20-25



  • Ergonomic back protection thanks to individually adjustable aircushioned driver’s stand-on platform
  • High and flexible handling capacity: a maximum speed of 14 km/h and a lifting capacity of 2,500 kg
  • Safe handling in confined spaces thanks to a chassis that is only 720 mm narrow
  • Intuitive operating concept: height-adjustable STILL Easy Drive steering wheel provides easy-access control without having to change to grip

EXH-S 20-25

Efficient performance, safe and convenient operation, reliable flexibility – the EXH-S pallet truck combines all of these features to perfection. With a maximum lifting capacity of 2,500 kg, a swift top speed of 14 km/h and the ability to move two pallets at once thanks to the extra-long forks, the EXH-S features unrivalled performance. Thanks to the intuitive operating concept, you can rely on the height-adjustable STILL Easy Drive steering wheel with integrated display and rocker switches at all times. This feature ensures that left- and right-handed operators always have full control of all functions, without having to change grip. The optional, individually adjustable, air-cushioned stand-on platform also provides optimal protection for the operator’s back, even in the toughest applications. Speaking of applications, the EXH-S equips you for any storage situation and ensures you benefit from flexibility when it comes to configuration variants. All truck variants have an ultra-robust chassis. This provides extra protection for demanding ramp applications, for example. Those who choose the lithium-ion variant as an option can interim charge the battery at any time and benefit from maximum flexibility.

Használt gépek

Használt gépek Használt gépek


Li-Ion Li-Ion

    Simply easy

    • Smooth steering and intuitive operation of all functions for left- and right-handed operators with STILL Easy Drive steering wheel
    • Easy access and optimal protection for the operator’s back and joints: low access point and adjustable, air-cushioned stand-on platform with integrated compressor available as an option
    • Optional built-in charger for decentralised charging at every power socket
    • Optimal utilisation of storage space: compact dimensions and high manoeuvrability facilitate narrow working aisles

    Simply powerful

    • Fast goods handling: up to 2,500 kg lifting capacity and an optional maximum speed of 14 km/h for the EXH-S 25
    • Built for continuous operation: reliable and low-maintenance drive
    • Swift, safe movement on ramps: high-powered drive and lift motor and 5-wheel chassis with sprung support wheels
    • Instant charging: lithium-ion model achieves 50 percent charge level in only 30 minutes and is fully charged in only 90 minutes
    • Withstands even the toughest applications: robust, durable chassis made from solid steel

    Simply safe

    • Simply work with precision thanks to unobstructed field of vision: free view mast and centrally positioned tiller
    • Accidental roll-back impossible: automatic stop function even on ramps
    • Fast and safe cornering: Curve Speed Control automatically adapts speed to the steering angle when cornering
    • Only moves off once the operator is standing safely: optional foot sensor determines whether the feet are within the truck’s contour
    • Safe load handling in confined spaces thanks to compact dimensions

    Simply flexible

    • Suitable driving programmes for any application, from maximum handling power to optimal efficiency: ECO, BOOST or Blue-Q
    • Ready for use at all times: battery capacities up to 500 Ah and optional STILL lithium-ion battery for round-the-clock availability
    • Decentralised and flexible charging at any power socket with the optional built-in charger
    • Flexibly configurable driver’s cab for various main applications, from frequent ramp driving through to long transport distances: rear access, side access or backrest

    Simply connected

    • Versatile, flexible access control with FleetManager 4.x
    • Fast service analysis and parametrisation of settings thanks to CAN bus interface
    • Easy integration into material flow management system thanks to MMS provision

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